What kind of job suits you?

Contract-based jobs are getting very common now a days. It depends upon one’s personality that what kind of job to opt for. A person having unstable taste who easily gets bored or tired of same routine and tasks, should carry on with a contract-based job where different assignments will give him tasks of different nature and he won’t get jade and at the same time his earning will go on live. Permanent or contract based, both kinds of employment have their own advantages and disadvantages as listed below:

Pros of Contract based job:

  • As this job is for a specified span, so if one is not comfortable with the job, then he does not need to worry because it will not last long.
  • Contract-based job makes a person more social and confident as he gains the working experience with different employees, firms and in diverse atmospheres.
  • It provides you a chance to work well and impress your boss which may lead to a full term job.
  • Often contract based jobs are offered to perform a particular task, regardless of other fuss of offices, so this can be a good opportunity for an individual to gain expertise in a field or to polish his skills in a particular area.
  • As it is for a limited time, so one stays away from office politics.
  • Different experiences can make a person realize his field or area of interest and strength so that he may look forward to a full time job in that particular occupation.
  • Such jobs are good and income generating while in the search of a full-time job.
  • In search of a good job, they are good to fill the gap (between old and search for a new job) in a resume.
  • It may lead to many new golden opportunities.
  • It makes a person realize that what he is good at, what are his strengths and weaknesses and with what type of job he will be satisfied. In short, he may get to know himself. By trying contract based jobs, he can realize either he is suitable for a full-term job or not. If yes, he will sincerely put an effort in search of a full-time job else he will keep on doing agreement based jobs.
  • With different jobs, one may learn new skills and gain versatile experiences.

Cons of Contract based job:

  • Since your colleagues know that you are on a temporary basis so they may not invite you to their inner circle or may not offer you much help.
  • Entitlements such as vacations, paid leaves, gratuity and other allowances are usually not offered to such employees.
  • Typically such jobs are not well paid unless you have a skill that is rarely found.
  • Such jobs are not career oriented; you cannot look for a better position for yourself after a few years.
  • You get in the strain of searching for a new job again and again.
  • All contract based jobs in your resume may portray your personality as wobbly.
  • It may lead to social exclusion where no one would like to be your companion considering you a momentary employee in a workplace.
  • Lack of security is another major issue of this job. The company may fire you at any time due to any cause without prior notice.
  • The person who has signed the contract based job is restricted to work with the company and complete his task in time either he likes the work or not but he cannot leave it before the agreement time ends.

Both types of jobs have their pros and cons, it is highly recommended to look at all these facts before choosing one of them. Both are good at earning a living but one must first analyze himself and his nature before leaping into a job.

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