We consider Health and Safety more than a legal obligation. Injury and health impairment of all persons affected by the activities of the work station should be prevented.
As a minimum, all legal requirements relevant to Health and Safety are to be met. It is recognized that Health and Safety management should be an integral part of all planning activities; Adoption and promotion of best practice in all aspects of Health and Safety at work where it is reasonably practicable to do so.

We hire employees and train them with all legislative requirements for health and safety, made by the law and to follow:

> W.H.M.I.S: All persons before enrollment need to watch and grasp the workplace hazards vis-à-vis
precautionary measures, shown on the video, followed by test.

> WSIB: This is in line with a legal obligation as spelled out by the rules for any occurrence or injury, the procedures followed are:

  • Immediate first aid to be provided as necessary in the workplace and to be taken to any nearby clinic/doctor’s chamber by transport/ambulance to receive necessary treatment within the shortest possible time.
  • Information to be sent to employee’s with details if need to be admitted.
    Call customer service representative to report over the phone using an information checklist.
  • Shift supervisor/production manager to fill out Form 6 or the occurrence report and forward to the agency within 12 hours of the incident.
  • Agency will fill out Form 7- employee’s report of injury and fax it to the relevant authority.
  • All efforts will be made to rein stead after the recovery as per Doctor’s recommendation.

> PERSONAL HYGIENE & PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT – All employees are briefed on protective equipment and their usage. No employees will be engaged without
safety shoes with large nails, usage of nail polish, wearing loose garments on duty.

> OUR POLICY – Screening carefully of all person ensuring each individual is qualified to work for our clients. No person with asthma, any allergy, back problem or any kind of past major injuries will be selected without doctor’s advice.