Factors affecting Face to Face Interview

To cope up with today’s market one needs to be competitive and upto date in all facets of worldly stuff. It’s an era of competition, everyone wants best thing for him/herself. Every individual wants to cross others and be the first  in the race. Due to all this factors, getting a good job is not tranquil any more. Against a single designation, many folks strive and obviously the best one wins the position. Answering all the questions asked in an interview is not just enough, you need to post a special impact on the interviewer. Following are the factors that affect an interview, one must consider them before appearing in a face to face meeting.

  1. Confidence level
    It matters the most. No one wants shy and dull employee. One should be self-assured of what he is saying and doing. One must be impressive and inspiring enough to convince others. Though being assertive is good but make sure don’t be over emphatic as it will leave a negative influence.
  2. Mental Aptitude
    To understand the question and answer it perfectly and precisely is not less than an art. More one will be good at picking what the interviewer is saying, more he will be explicit in giving response within short span. Presence of mind is very necessary in this.  
  3. Personality/ dressing/ gestures
    These three things are vital to be considered the most as they give the first impression as one enter the room. Wearing formal and decent dress is important. Don’t use too much gestures in conversation.
  4. Education and experience
    Experience further polishes the degree that one owns. The more experience an individual will have, the more he will behave professionally.  
  5. Motivation level
    Dedicated ancd determined employees are demanded everywhere. One must give a gesture of his motivation towards his job. Interviewers give more worth to the employees who are eager to learn new things.
  6. Acquaintance about the company
    Before appearing in an interview, one must do some homework about the company. The individual must know about the company’s basic like what the company is about and what kind of tasks are carried out and so on. Don’t go with blank mind.
  7. Don’t chat too much
    Talking too much often drops a bad image on the interviewer. Talk less and precise.
  8. Never say bad words about your previous employer
    Use good words for all your last experiences. No bad words o negative talk should be done regarding anyone. Use normal tone and soft words while talking.
  9. Turn off your phone
    It’s a good practice to switch off your phone before appearing in an interview, so that no undesirable vibe comes out of your side.
  10. Never focus on financial part
    Don’t get curious to know about the salary packages an individual will be offered. Don’t make haste regarding the benefits one will be proposed with the job. This will give an impression of your anxiety and impatient nature.

Above listed features are to be considered well as they can affect one’s perception on the interviewer, hence reducing job’s chances. One must go to the interview with full preparation to gain a competitive advantage over his rivals.  

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