This note is intended to understand to help you the rules of this organization and need compliance.

Following rules breaking will warrant a serious warrant:
 Possession of offensive weapons on company property.
 Theft.
 Unauthorized use of company records and other confidential information.
 Threatening, provoking, intimidating, and assaulting other employees on company premises.
 Neglect in duties, which resulted in serious injury or damage.
 Discrimination.

Action of employees, which warrant at least a final written warning:
 Reporting at the work under the influence of an intoxicant or illegal drug.
 Deliberate slowdown or neglect of duties.
 Walking off the job or leaving the premises during working hours without permission.

Actions, which warrant appropriate actions
 Unsatisfactory job performance
 Repeated failure to properly punch time card
 Overstaying lunch and break periods or leaving work station before authorized quitting time.